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May 18 2017

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Archaeologists at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art have digitally restored artwork from an ancient Egyptian temple, showing the time of the pharaohs in an incredibly detailed and colorful light.

Due to 2,000 years of flooding and the harsh desert sandstorms, many of the original signs that ancient Egyptian architecture was once vibrant and brightly colored have been wiped away.

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Każdy coś widział. Każdego coś kiedyś wkurzyło, każdy kiedyś na krócej lub dłużej stracił apetyt.
— Andrzej Sapkowski, "Pani Jeziora"
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Love (2015), Gaspar Noé

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- Gdzie pracujesz?

- Repostuje zupę na pół etatu

— Rozmowy ze znajomym...
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noun. literal translation: “puppy bonus”

Describes the way that someone who is new to a group of people (of any kind) is treated less harshly and given more room for mistakes than others.

(via weirdgermanwords)

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Csaba Molnar

Was Revealed

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Rocket Engines

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